Wine into fashion Cabernet Sauvignon

Standard wine descriptions are SO out this season. This series of posts uses fashion to describe your favorite wines. The first look in the lineup is Cabernet Sauvignon: The Sexpot with a Strong Bite. This statement-making line is perfect to “wear” when you want to get attention. It can make you feel big and bold in the boardroom but also make you feel sexy on a date.

Here’s a few more reasons why Cabernet Sauvignon (also nicknamed “Cab” for short) is on trend this season:

  1. The high alcohol in cabernet can perfectly described her as “hot.” She has lots of deep red fruit that makes her stand out but she isn’t just a party girl. She’s got structure and balance.
  2. Cabernet is bold and packs a punch due to her time spent restrained in the barrel surrounded by her bitter exes (also known as grape skin tannins). It’s no wonder she offers an astringent bite to the aftertaste.
  3. She’s not a fast mover. Cabernet need to “open up” before drinking before she shows her true personality so it’s good for her to show a little skin.

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Brittany Hawkins
Brittany Hawkins

Swirl it! Co-founder & Bon Vivant Brittany Hawkins hails from St. Helena, Napa Valley, where her love for wine started from a sippy cup. She is determined to merge her knowledge of tech, wine and marketing in a way that makes wine fun and accessible to everyone. She can be found swirling big cabs and buttery chards.