A bunch of boozers
on a mission.

Something seriously had to change. We just wanted to find wines that we liked, but instead we were spending too much of our hard-earned money on bottles we didn’t even want to drink! Well, obviously, we drank them anyway. However, we had to fix this problem, so we created Swirl it!, the only taste-based wine-recommendation engine that helps you choose wines from menus at your favorite local restaurants, bars and events based on your own palate!

Thank you for joining the Swirl it! community and helping us provide a tastier take on wine!

The Founders

Brittany Hawkins
Co-founder & Bon Vivant

Brittany has spent the last 5 years in marketing / advertising, creating communication strategies for big brands and developing marketing plans for early stage startups. She’s from St. Helena, Napa Valley, where her love for wine started from a sippy cup. She is determined to merge her knowledge of tech, wine and marketing in a way that makes wine fun and accessible to everyone. She can be found swirling big cabs and buttery chards.

Nic Werner
Co-founder & Chief Swirler

Using a computer since he was two years old, Nic was born in Paso Robles and spent his formative years in Sonoma County where he discovered his love for budget wine. Ever since then he has been involved in businesses combining technology and wine in a way that helps the everyday consumer find great bottles. A lifelong tech product manager from the likes of Slashdot and O'Reilly Media, his current go-to for grape juice is California Rhone blends and the beloved Russian River Pinot.


Cheryl Lucanegro
Soundhound, Founding
Team at Pandora

Annie Gherini
VP Marketing, Twist

Ben Parr
co-founder of #DominateFund and columnist at CNET

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Want to know how you can get involved with Swirl it!?

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Want to know how you can get involved with Swirl it!?

get in touch