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Rosé – The Fun, Flirty Bohemian

Rosé is beckoningly flirtatious and effortlessly feminine. This easy going wine can be found anywhere from a beach café in San Tropez, central stage at Cochella, or at a casual backyard BBQ. The delicate texture and vivacious attitude make this a wine that everyone wants to get to get better acquainted with. While most rosé wines are known to have a French heritage, there are a lot of producers out of South Africa and the US that have courted this free spirited variety.

Rosé takes on a bohemian attitude because it free-flows between red and white wine designations. It spends its formative years growing on the vine as a red grape, usually a Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sangiovese or Zinfandel. Then, instead of being forced into a fate of red wine stature like the rest of its relatives, it’s only slightly exposed to its dark, outer skin. So while the other red grapes are spending lots of time soaking up the inky color from the skins, Rosé slips through the cracks with only a pale pink impression.

Whether you call it rosé, rosado (Spain), rosato (Italy) or “blush,” get to know more about this feminine trendsetter:

  • Rosé is an easy drinking wine that is the perfect complement to a sunny beach day or a casual meet up with friends. The feminine pink color gives it the appearance of being sweet, but it can fool you with it’s dry attitude.
  • Rosé has a thicker skin than white wines, which is what gives it the pop of pink. The hue can range from soft and subtle to bright and vibrant depending how much the contact the juice had with the skin.
  • Rosé is technically an “unfinished” red wine as it only gets a short time on the skins, giving it the pinkest blush. So it shows signs of both red and white wines at the same time.
Rosé Wine description and characteristics with fashion

Brittany Hawkins
Brittany Hawkins

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