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Discovering wines you'll love just got a lot whole lot easier with the Swirl it! app for iPhone. Swirl it! is a taste-based wine recommendation tool that helps you choose wines as unique as your own palate.

Swirl it! is there for you when you need it most; when navigating the most intimidating wine lists and retail aisles. Simply select your location and the Swirl it! app will identify wines best suited for you at that spot. The more you use the app, the more you'll discover about your palate and the more accurate wine recommendations we can dish out. Just Sip, Swirl and explore the world of wine.

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What was that wine I loved that I drank last week? No need to be taking notes. Swirl it! keeps track of your tasting history for you. That way you can find out where to purchase it for your own wine collection or where else you can drink it nearby. Look at you, wine snob.

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Be a taste bud trendsetter by sharing your wine history with friends and fellow Swirlers. Follow friends to find out what wines they’re loving and where you can try them for yourself.

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Wine can be complicated and overwhelming. With the Swirl it! app, all you have to do is drink and rate your wines to uncover more about your own palate preferences. We’ll show you what flavors you should look for in a wine and which types you like the most. After all, it’s just like dating. You have to kiss a few frogs along the way but once know what you’re looking for, you’re bound to find Mr. Right.

We built this app around the physiology of you - because science shows that your unique taste buds should be the only rating system worth referencing. After all, the point of drinking wine is to enjoy it, right?

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